Strategy and values

Our strategy

The experience, added to the young and enterprising character of our team, has marked the business strategy of LUIS PARÉS over more than 100 years in the construction sector. The main aspects that define our management criteria and business strategy are the following:

Customer-oriented organization

Direct relationship with the client throughout the project.

Healthy asset structure

Proven economic solvency that gives security and confidence to customers and suppliers.

Active management of intellectual capital

We seek constant improvement of all processes.

Training and motivation of the human team

Well trained team with solid experience in the sector.

Regularity in the volume of work contracted

We seek sustained growth to maintain a healthy asset structure.

New information technologies

Its intensive use allows for continuous improvement of operational efficiency.


In building works (new plant or rehabilitation) and urbanization.

Domestic market concentration

For further consolidation within the sector.

Our values

The values that guide our organization can be summarized in the following points:

Capable and flexible

We adapt to our clients, we solve their problems.

Sacred calendars

Punctuality in terms of deadlines, without concessions.

Accurate quotes

Very clear numbers from the beginning without surprises or confusion.

Professional consistency

Constant technical support in the search for optimal solutions that are consistent with good contracting practices and current regulations.


Strict compliance with current labour legislation. The safety of our workers is the safety and peace of mind of our customers.

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